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Our main concern is provide what out clients need. So who better than them to convey their impressions of our product.

Comments from out clients

Periodista Digital

“NewsPress professionalism was crucial when we started the project for our online newspaper. In a few weeks we were able to offer our customers a flexible and interactive tool that has had a massive beneficial impact.”Alfonso Rojo, from Periodista Digital

Religión Digital

“NewsPress has been key to the development of Religion Digital. Not only due to its excellent technical quality but also because we wanted to give it a warm and a tasteful image.”Jose Manuel Vidal, from Religión Digital

Periodista Latino

“I was looking for a company that specializes in generating online business and that's what I found in NewsPress: Great professionals.”Paul Monzón, from Periodista Latino

Verdad o Mentira

“We needed a tool to create our website and maintain it as simple and convenient as possible, in order to allocate our resources to the development of the material. NewsPress helped us get it done.”Editorial staff from Verdad o Mentira

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