NewsPress Versions and Rates

Features Basic Pro Premium Golden Pro
Corporate portal     ok
Hosting ok ok ok
SEO optimization and automatic generation of friendly urls ok ok ok
Carrousel of articles in corporate portal     ok
Publication optimized for search engines ok ok ok
Search engine for the site ok ok ok
WYSIWYG frontpage edition and Drag & Drop ok
Newspaper library ok ok ok
Site stats ok ok ok
Automatic updates ok ok ok
Geolocation in the news (with Google API) ok ok ok
Polls ok ok ok
User management and control of publication ok
Advertising management at sub-section level ok ok ok
Comments from the readers on the news ok ok ok
Google analytics control ok ok ok
User management ok
Video gallery ok ok ok
Searches of videos in repository and on Youtube ok ok ok
Custom design with personalized template Kits (check prices) ok
Document management ok ok ok
Resizable multimedia gallery ok ok ok
Multimedia content (photos and video) ok ok ok
Newsletter subscription*   ok
Multilanguage platform   ok ok
Related news ok ok ok
Links to third parties ok ok ok
RSS management ok ok ok
Frontpage carrousel   ok ok
Tag management   ok
Search by labelled content*   ok
* In development.

Basic Pro

For journalists, professionals, bloggers or students who want to make a living on journalism or make extra money doing online thematic journalism: technology, sports, science, architecture, etc.


Professional bodies and associations that need a professional Internet presence with minimal investment and without the need for IT profesionals to maintain their publications. Small and medium-papers and online diaries that seek to grow in traffic and improve their image without additional investment.

Groups of journalists that decide to launch their own environment but that are held back by the technical difficulties of hosting, design, software and content management systems, and need a business structure that helps them get more for their money.

Golden Pro

Business and communication professionals who are looking to launch a major online journalism project and have identified that the starting point is the best technology at the lowest cost.

Newspapers that want to enter into the internet and want the most modern newspaper technology, that is both innovative and functional.

Online media seeking to enhance their presence on the Net reducing costs and incorporating the latest in multimedia technology for newspapers.


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